Eden Prairie and Minnetonka Air Conditioning Repair: On AC Noises

Ideally, your home’s air conditioning unit should be running as quietly as possible while providing you with a cool indoor environment. Yet a slight change in the sound of your air conditioning unit, even the slightest hint of a rattle or a whine, can be a telltale sign that it needs a thorough inspection.

With a little knowhow, you can deduce through sheer sound alone what could be wrong with your AC unit. At any rate, you can count on Minnetonka or Eden Prairie air conditioning repair service providers to address the following types of noise and the underlying problems they represent.


A whistling sound from your AC could either mean that the unit is improperly sealed or that there are loose screws or bolts around the cracks and seams of ducts. Retightening loose screws and bolts or connections, as well as covering the seals with heat tape, usually suffice to remedy this problem. If any portion of caulking has come undone, re-apply it accordingly.


Furnace Repair in Eden Prairie, MN: Troubleshooting a Busted Igniter

In place of pilot lights, new gas furnace models now have electronic igniters that light the gas and initiate the heating process. A busted igniter can keep you from heating your home as needed and should be fixed right away, as SFGate.com contributing writer Laurie Reeves points out.
Furnaces can be pushed to their limit during the cold season in Minnesota. While springtime might see the chill ebb out somehow, you need the furnace ready to spark up at a moment’s notice. That is where Eden Prairie, MN furnace repair experts like AQS Comfort can intervene and set your furnace back on track.

Eden Prairie Air Conditioning Repair: Tackling Seasonal Problems

“Minnesota is normally thought of as cold place, but in reality, it goes through significant hot and cold climate changes yearly, which affect air conditioning (AC) systems in radical ways. AC systems within the state all have to contend with one crucial elemental factor: water.

Indeed, a lot of major efficiency problems with air conditioners revolve around water concerns. Minnesota is subject to high humidity in the hot summers, and ice and sub-zero temperatures in the winter. These climatic conditions stress AC components in harsh ways.

While idle through the winter months, air conditioning systems can accumulate “gunk” that affects everything, from copper coils to fan motors. These problems have to do with water and water vapor collecting on surfaces. “

Eden Prairie, MN Furnace Repair Experts: Some Basic Fixes You Can Try

Keeping your house warm during winter is essential, and you definitely won’t want to be left out in the cold when your furnace stops functioning. When this happens, the first thing that you should do is to contact an HVAC company for furnace repair in Eden Prairie, MN. In the meantime, while waiting for the specialists, here are some easy furnace fixes that you can try for yourself to speed them on their way:

Check the thermostat
There are times when programmable thermostats automatically readjust their settings. To exclude this possibility, make sure your thermostat is set to heat and the temperature settings are right. If the program settings don’t work, you can bypass it and simply enter the temperature you want and press the hold button. This will resolve the issue if the thermostat settings are indeed the problem.

Eden Prairie Air Conditioning Repair Service to Fix Central Air Freeze

A centralized air conditioning system is often an advantage for larger homes with ample electrical capacity to handle it. While the system is supposed to provide the cooling loads for the home, what if the component units themselves are freezing up? In his article for SFGate, Robert Korpella said that freezing is a distinct possibility when the coils are wrapped in ice.

Eden Prairie, MN residents who are emerging from a deep winter may need every advantage as the white deep freeze gives way to spring green. When the temperature in Eden Prairie gets too warm even as summer’s still far away, the last thing any homeowner wants to bear is (activating) a central air conditioner that couldn’t generate the proper cooling loads. Dealing with the icing problem requires the support of Eden Prairie air conditioning repair specialists like the crew at Air Quality Services (AQS).