Common Furnace Repair Issues: Gas Operated Furnace Not Producing Heat

When your furnace goes out during a cold Minnesota winter, you need a reliable repair service to come out quickly and diagnose the problem so that your safety and comfort can be restored. The most common reason why Minnetonka and Eden Prairie homeowners call for wintertime furnace repairs is a lack of heat coming from the HVAC unit. With help from an experienced service for furnace repair in Eden Prairie MN, your home’s heating system will be restored to its full functionality.


The most likely reason why your gas furnace is not heating your home is due to the thermostat. Before calling for a furnace repair in Minnetonka MN, check the thermostat’s settings. A power outage could have reset the thermostat so that it is no longer in the heating setting.


Signs and Issues That Indicate You Need Furnace Repair in Your Home

1. Strange Noises. While it is normal for a furnace to make a bit of noise, it shouldn’t make extremely loud banging or grinding noises. If your furnace is making much noise, then it might be in need of a belt change, might have an ignition problem, or might need another component replaced.

2. Raising Temperature with no Changes. If you raise the temperature of your furnace’s thermostat, but the temperature in the room doesn’t get any higher, then it could be in need of repair. Usually, you only have to bump a furnace’s thermostat up a couple of notches to warm the room, but if doing so doesn’t reap any results, then there might be a problem with your pilot light.