Spend Some Time on AC Maintenance to Save Time and Money on AC Repairs

Air conditioning repair is a necessary fact of life for those living in Eden Prairie and Edina, MN. If you have recently had a respected heating and cooling company, such as Air Quality Services, perform air conditioning repair, it is only natural for you to want your unit to last as long as possible before it needs more repair work. With that in mind, here are a few ways you can prolong the service life of your AC unit.

Changing Your Air Conditioning Filters

As far as the efficiency of your air conditioner goes, nothing kills it faster than a dirty air filter. You should make it a regular habit to take out the old one and install a new filter every month during the cooling season for both window mounted units and central air conditioning systems. If you have washable air filters, then hose them down and clean them up well once a month.


Safety Benefits of a Preventive Checkup for Your Home’s Heating System

As cold winter settles into Minnesota, you will likely have a checklist of things to do around your home and property to get ready. At the top of your list should be a checkup for your furnace with a respected heating and cooling company that services Edina and Eden Prairie such as Air Quality Services. A checkup of your home’s heating system not only ensures that it is delivering the heat that you need for a comfortable home, but the service call also makes sure that there are no safety problems with your furnace and other heating equipment.

Carbon Monoxide Checks

One of the most important steps in heating maintenance and safety is to check for carbon monoxide. A furnace that is not burning gas properly may produce carbon monoxide. A blockage in the furnace’s venting equipment may also cause carbon monoxide to leak into your living spaces.

Annual Autumn Furnace Repair and Other Services for Seasonal Upkeep

When the weather turns chilly in the fall, you may anticipate turning on your furnace in the coming weeks. You want to keep your house warm as the temperatures dip close to the freezing mark. Before you turn on the furnace, however, you may find it handy to have your home’s heating system maintained and repaired. With seasonal professional furnace repair in Eden Prairie, MN, residents and homeowners everywhere can avoid expensive repairs later on in the winter.

Seasonal Repairs and Upkeep
Chances are that your furnace sat dormant for three or four months during the hot summertime weather. During the time it sat unused, it could have collected dust and debris that may put its proper function at risk. When it comes to professional furnace repair, Minnetonka, MN contractors can tell you that a clogged furnace can be one of the most devastating dangers to your heater. A clogged heater prevents the air from being heated and dispatched properly.

How Heating and Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance Saves Money

When it comes to your HVAC system, maintenance is crucial. While professional tune-ups do cost money out-of-pocket, at the end of the day the money that you spend on maintenance will eventually give you savings. If you have been putting off scheduling a maintenance appointment because you do not want to pay the service charge, it is important that you really take a step back and learn the various ways that routine maintenance can save you money. Here are just 3 ways that hiring an expert for a professional tune-up can payoff:

Save Money on Your Heating and Cooling Bills
In Eden Prairie and Minnetonka, temperatures can get as low as 6 degrees F in the winter months. Since the areas are prone to blistering cold winters, heating bills can skyrocket in November, December, January and February. The data shows that as much as 48% of a household’s energy use goes towards heating and cooling.

Heating and Cooling Tips: 3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

Living in the suburbs of Minneapolis, where temperatures can drop to frigid sub-zero degree temperatures, requires residents to be prepared for the onset of winter. From buying winter clothes to getting your car breaks serviced, there are numerous ways that those living in Edina and Minnetonka must prepare for the cold winter months. Perhaps the most important preparations, however, are to your home. Having a home that is well prepared for cold, snow, and ice will ensure that you are not left, literally, in the cold this winter. Here are some simple tips to help get this process started.

Give Your Heating and Cooling System a Checkup
Ensuring that your home is properly heated is the first step to preparing your home for the winter. It is vital that you have a routine inspection done on your HVAC system to help identify any maintenance that may be needed.

Timely Furnace Repair and Semiannual Inspections Help Keep You Warm

Whether you own or rent a home, you know how hard it can be to function when it is too cold. Therefore, it is important that you always have adequate heat available when you need it. As with any other critical component in your home, it is important to inspect your furnace once or twice a year to ensure that it works properly for years to come.

Why Twice A Year?

Some might say that a yearly inspection should suffice, though you can never be too careful when it comes to staying comfortable throughout the year. Depending on your tolerance for cold, you could use your furnace for up to nine months a year to heat your home. Therefore, it may be a good idea to have it checked in the spring, i.e. before you stop using it so much, and early in the fall just before another bout of heavy duty use commences.

Air Conditioning Repair and Regular Maintenance Lower Energy Costs

Air conditioners operate according to a thermostat to keep your home or office at a temperature you want. If any component in the system is not functioning properly, the whole system will overwork to try to maintain the selected temperature. The extra work not only takes more energy, but it also subjects other components to unusual wear and tear, causing the system to break down often. Even though it’s very cool in Minnesota, the summers can become unbearably hot and may require an efficient air conditioning system.

The most important component that needs regular upkeep is the filter, which you can usually clean yourself. If it gets clogged with dirt and soot, it will significantly reduce the system’s efficiency.

Heating and Cooling Specialists: Good HVAC Makes for a Better Home

Edina and Eden Prairie are renowned as some of the most enticing locations in Minnesota. They have the benefit of being close enough to the capital to provide easy access, while at the same time being far enough to allow homeowners to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. When Edina and Eden Prairie homeowners return after a busy day at work, they want to find their home environment to be comfortable and relaxing. For this reason, they are concerned about having functional heating and cooling systems.

Although Minnesota is known for sub-zero temperatures during the winter, during the summer, it can have temperatures in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit. For this reason, many homes in the state have a central air conditioning unit. In addition to keeping the home at a comfortable temperature, a central air conditioning unit is an excellent selling point.

Knowing When to Schedule Furnace Repair for Common Heating Problems

You will need to crank up your furnace to stay safe and warm indoors during the cooler days of the year. Without a functional furnace, the interior of your home could become frigid and even unsafe. If a problem arises with your home’s heating system, you may wonder if you could fix the problem on your own or if you need to call professional furnace repair services.
There are a few things to keep in mind as you make this important decision so you can enjoy the best results.