Eden Prairie Air Conditioning Repair: Tackling Seasonal Problems

“Minnesota is normally thought of as cold place, but in reality, it goes through significant hot and cold climate changes yearly, which affect air conditioning (AC) systems in radical ways. AC systems within the state all have to contend with one crucial elemental factor: water.

Indeed, a lot of major efficiency problems with air conditioners revolve around water concerns. Minnesota is subject to high humidity in the hot summers, and ice and sub-zero temperatures in the winter. These climatic conditions stress AC components in harsh ways.

While idle through the winter months, air conditioning systems can accumulate “gunk” that affects everything, from copper coils to fan motors. These problems have to do with water and water vapor collecting on surfaces. “


Red Flags for Air Conditioner Repair in Minnetonka and Eden Prairie

The average air conditioner (AC) is designed to last for about a dozen years, and many people go through this time without any issues at all. This is not always the case, however, so it is important for home and business owners to know when they need to call a Minnetonka or Eden Prairie air conditioning repair expert. People should make sure to call for air conditioning repair in these areas if they experience any of the following problems.

Edina Heating and Cooling Systems: Reasons to Switch to a New One

Many older homes in Minnesota have older heating and cooling systems, dating back decades in some cases. Homeowners who purchase homes with these older systems might think that the units are fine as long as they are heating and cooling the home. That, however, isn’t always the case. There are several reasons why a homeowner might want to contact an Eden Prairie or Edina heating and cooling specialist to learn about the benefits of a new system.